Package French SARL / EURL incorporation

Before creating your SARL / EURL, ask yourself the right questions:

  • Which form is adapted to the activity (individual / company)?
  • If « company »: What is the most appropriate corporate form? Drafting the articles of incorporation is essential as they are the legal framework of the company’s activity, the relations between shareholders, the manager’s powers, etc.
  • What will be the amount of the registered capital and the contributions form? No minimum share capital is required to create a SARL. It is therefore possible to create a SARL with 1 euro of share capital. The share capital may consist of contributions in cash or contributions in kind (business, realestate, car, etc.).
  • What will be the executive’s social regime?
  • What will be the company’s purpose and what authorizations are necessary?
  • Where will be the head office?
  • What will be the applicable tax / VAT regime?
  • Should an External Auditor be appointed? Some SARL are required to appoint an auditor when they exceed two of the following three thresholds: amount of turnover exceeding 3 100 000 euros / total balance sheet greater than 1 550 000 euros / SARL exceeding 50 employees.
We propose as part of the « Package SARL / EURL »:
  • Counseling and assistance of a lawyer until obtaining the K-Bis from the commercial court;
  • Drafting the articles of association, the certificate of domicile, the appointment of the manager(s), the declaration of filiation and non-conviction, the CERFA M0 and TNS forms, the appointment of the statutory auditors, etc. ;
  • A notice in a legal newspaper;
  • Filing the documents and transmission of the K-bis by mail.
Our « Package SARL / EURL » for a company creation:
  • Our fees: 900 euros HT
  • Costs: Registry fees (about 70 euros) and Legal advertising costs (about 250 euros)

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