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In professional relations, it is common to set up a quotation in order to finalize the agreement reached by the parties. This quotation can be accompanied by the relevant general conditions of sale.

The professional must inform the consumer about the essential characteristics of the product or service, such as : price, date, delivery time of the product, etc. This information can be written either in a quotation or be displayed. The professional who doesn’t fulfill its obligation is held liable to an administrative fine up to an amount of 3.000 € (individual person) or 15.000 € (legal person). If the amount exceeds 1.500 €, it is mandatory to establish a written contract. 

Every quotation must mention : the date and the offer validity period ; the corporate identity ; the individual  VAT identification number ; the name and address of the client ; the starting date and the estimated date of the works or service ; the detailed breakdown (and description) of each service in quantity and in unit price ; the hourly or inclusive price of labor ; the travel expenses ; the method of payment and delivery ; the contract execution modalities and the after sale service conditions ; the global amount to pay pre-tax price and price including tax, with VAT rate ; the artisans for whom the professional insurance is mandatory must mention the subscribed insurance ; the insurer contact information; the contract geographic coverage.

If the mandatory particulars are not respected, the service provider can be held liable for a 1.500 € fine (3.000 € if he repeats the infringement)

In principle, the quotation is free, but the professional is allowed to offer a paid-quote by presenting to the client the price before establishing the quotation.

The quotation constitutes a contract offer. For this, the professional can be held liable.

However, the potential customer doesn’t have to entrust the completion of the work to the professional who set the quotation.


  • Code de la consommation : articles L131-1 to L131-4
  • Code de la consommation : article R111-1
  • Code de la santé publique : articles L1111-1 to L1111-9
  • Arrêté du 17 mars 2015 relatif à l’information préalable du consommateur sur les prestations de services à la personne
  • Arrêté du 27 avril 2010 relatif à la publicité des prix des prestations de déménagement
  • Arrêté du 2 octobre 2008 fixant le seuil au delà duquel les professionnels de santé doivent donner une information écrite sur leur tarif
  • Arrêté du 23 juillet 1996 relatif à l’information du consommateur sur les produits d’optique médicale
  • Arrêté du 24 janvier 2017 relatif à la publicité des prix des prestations de dépannage, de réparation et d’entretien dans le secteur du bâtiment et de l’équipement de la maison

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